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We want to make applying to Duke as simple and as informative as we possibly can. You can browse through this section for advice and information on each step of the application process. We appreciate your interest in the Duke University School of Medicine. After you've applied, use our interactive personal account system to check your application status, submit secondary applications, and more.

Academic Expectations

Review the essential qualifications for admission to the Duke University School of Medicine.

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How To Apply

Applications for admission must first begin with the common application submitted to the American Medical College Applications Service (AMCAS). This section contains further information on how to submit an application.

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Admissions Timeline

When does the cycle start? When does the cycle end? And what happens in the middle? Here you see the Admissions Cycle at a glance. 

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Have you received an invitation to access the DukeMed Application? If so you can create your DukeMed account and begin working on your Application.

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Financial Aid

View the Your Finances section for an overview of the financial aid available to Duke students.

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About the Interview

Interview day is, at heart, a "fit" day - a day to determine whether you and Duke make a good match. From Duke's perspective, it's a chance for us to probe more deeply the information in your application, to learn more about the depth of your intellectual curiosity, commitment to a career of service, and ethical values.

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Educational Programs

The curriculum at DukeMed sets itself apart from traditional medical school education. Look here to find more information about our  programs, classes, and other educational offerings.

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Technical Standards

Before beginning the application process, take some time to read through the technical standards requirements for Duke University students.

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Meet Your Admissions Staff

Meet the staff of the Duke Medical School Administration.

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Capable of Brilliance

How Duke defines ‘Capable of Brilliance’ during the admissions process.

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