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Duke Primary Care Leadership Track

MD/Primary Care Leadership Track

Imagine seeing your own patients month after month and partnering with them through their health care experiences. Imagine being an advocate for your patient as they go to a surgery or therapy session, witnessing medicine from the patient’s perspective. Imagine working with community teams to provide needed care. Now imagine this type of patient-centered learning in a place like Duke with a dynamic student body and a world-class faculty. Patient-centered learning is the essence of the Primary Care Leadership Track at Duke.

Duke School of Medicine has created the Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT) to train students to become primary care leaders. This project builds on a longstanding partnership between Duke and the Durham community to understand the causes of health disparities, create a strong research focus on community engagement, and learn how to redesign clinical programs to better serve patient needs at the individual and population level.

“ It's exciting to be a part of such a new and innovative program. There isn't a program out there that incorporates leadership, community engagement, longitudinal clerkships, and a patient panel into the Medical Curriculum. "
" In my opinion, this is how medical education should work. The PCLT was flexible to what each learner needed. It encouraged us to see past the particular clinic or hospital we were working in and reach out to the community, to fill its needs as well. In this sense, the program meets the needs of its students and the community in a beautiful way. " 
Cassandra Kisby, MD

Students will learn about medicine through the eyes of their patients and about community health from the perspective of the Durham community. The PCLT is for students who want to make a difference in primary care, our health care system, and how we work with of our patients and our communities to improve health.

PCLT students sign a letter of intent to pursue a career in primary care (Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Primary Care Pediatrics) and receive a scholarship of $10,000 per year. This reverts to a loan if the student enters a non-primary care field.

Link to Academic Medicine Article: The Primary Care Leadership Track at the Duke University School of Medicine: Creating Change Agents to Improve Population Health 




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